Bohéme Seashell Candles

$ 26.00

Seashell single wick candles full of romance, self love and self care. Made of Soy wax + coconut oil + pure organic essential oils. Burns for up to 6 hours. After the wick burns out completely reuse her as a catchall dish, for your jewelry or as decor babe! By woman owned brand Bum Cake.

2 scents are available:

Calm:  = Lavender + Palo Santo

  • Made with organic Lavender Mailette oil from France, Palo Santo oil from Ecuador, and a blend of other organic essential oils.

  • Promotes serenity, tranquility, and purification. Nice for stress relief


Sensual:  = Ylang Ylang + Patchouli

  • Made with organic Ylang Ylang oil from Madagascar, Patchouli oil from Sri Lanka, and a blend of other organic essential oils.

  • Soothes your senses, Ylang Ylang is used as a natural aphrodisiac, relieves stress and promotes relaxation.

Candle care: Burn candle on an even stable surface.

**Color of shell may vary.

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