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We are all about the importance of self-care and ones personal wellness. It is vital for our mental, spiritual and emotional health to take care of ourselves and do things that continue to make us happy. Even if it is just pouring a good cup of tea or coffee, taking a warm bath, burning some soothing candles, writing in our journals or saging our aura. 

We've curated a growing wellness collection that tends to your self-care needs and can help you form a healthy habit of putting yourself first!

Forget Me Not Linen + Room SprayForget Me Not Linen + Room Spray
Forget Me Not Linen + Room Spray Sale price$ 25.00 USD
Sweet Nothings Linen + Room SpraySweet Nothings Linen + Room Spray
Sweet Nothings Linen + Room Spray Sale price$ 25.00 USD
Great View, Better Company Scented Candle
Home is wherever I'm with you Scented Candle
Just Breathe Roller Blend - Crystal InfusedJust Breathe Roller Blend - Crystal Infused
Cosmic Uplift Roller Blend - Crystal InfusedCosmic Uplift Roller Blend - Crystal Infused
Love Flower Botanical Body OilLove Flower Botanical Body Oil
Love Flower Botanical Body Oil Sale price$ 24.00 USD
Happy Wonky MugsHappy Wonky Mugs
Happy Wonky Mugs Sale price$ 22.00 USD Regular price$ 30.00 USD
Grateful Heart: Gratitude JournalGrateful Heart: Gratitude Journal
Grateful Heart: Gratitude Journal Sale price$ 18.00 USD Regular price$ 28.00 USD
Wander Always: Travel JournalWander Always: Travel Journal
Wander Always: Travel Journal Sale price$ 12.00 USD Regular price$ 18.00 USD
‘Oats, Milk & Honey’ Bath Salt‘Oats, Milk & Honey’ Bath Salt
‘Oats, Milk & Honey’ Bath Salt Sale price$ 10.00 USD Regular price$ 14.00 USD
Garden Flower Green TeaGarden Flower Green Tea
Garden Flower Green Tea Sale price$ 15.00 USD Regular price$ 22.00 USD
Looking Glass Clear TeapotLooking Glass Clear Teapot
Looking Glass Clear Teapot Sale price$ 24.00 USD
Wellness Smudge Kit
Wellness Smudge Kit Sale price$ 22.00 USD
Wild Sage + Lavender Smudge StickWild Sage + Lavender Smudge Stick
Wild Sage + Lavender Smudge Stick Sale price$ 15.00 USD
Eucalyptus + Lavender Smudge StickEucalyptus + Lavender Smudge Stick
Eucalyptus + Lavender Smudge Stick Sale price$ 10.00 USD Regular price$ 18.00 USD