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Around the world, tea ceremonies are part of everyday life. From the manner in which it is prepared, the tools used to brew it, to the relaxation the herbs induce, tea is a beverage that generates both communities through sharing a pot and peaceful solitude sipping a cup in your cozy home.

Fair Trade green tea leaves are infused with organic flower petals and herbs that enhance and compliment the flavor profile of crisp and light green tea.

Garden Flower Green Tea is a 2oz pouch of Fair Trade, loose leaf tea with leaves that are carefully hand rolled and then pan-fried. The pan-fried leaves produce a highly fragrant, yellow-greenish brew with a distinctive, sweet flavor, and are known for their plum-like sweetness and smoothness. The flavor is refreshing, crisp & light with hints of lemon & rose. To enhance these flavors we added organic flower petals and herbs of rose, calendula, and lemongrass.
Garden Flower Green Tea
Garden Flower Green Tea Sale price$ 15.00 USD Regular price$ 22.00 USD