This is Important ❤️ The last few days have been the most inspiring and exhilarating days I have ever had with my Brand. My heart is so full from all of the recent support I have been receiving. You guys have no idea how much I have been in awe of you and your support for Orchid Bohème. Your business, reposts, and kind words have brought Beautiful Happy tears to my eyes this week. To even see some compare Orchid Bohème to big corporate Brands such as Free People, Anthropologie or Reformation, just really breaks me down. IN A GOOD WAY!
I'm here for my boho melanin Queens. Those that have been under represented from Brands that don't quite capture our Beauty. I'm here for shining light on how beautiful our earth is, and how we can positively impact it's health by recycling and reusing Bohéme goods + Vintage. I'm here for supporting other woman owned brands with OB's eclectic curation. And that's just part of my story.

I am also a 1 woman show. Please be patient with me as I get all your lovely orders out. You may also find many things sold out. But don't fret! I am absolutely working on more of everything coming soon. And I can do that faster now, BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU.
Please sign up for my emails + notifications. Please don't stress over sell outs. I can only have limited quantities right now. But it's all good. I am ready for OB's growth. I was made for this!

To all of my older following, I am so in love with you and thank you for being here with me through it all. To my new followers ...please stay 🌼✨🌼 Xoxo - C